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Humanism and artificial intelligence

24 December 2019

Belgrade, Serbia

Event summary

Following the series of lectures on humAInism project that addressed freedom of choice and the lack of it as a result of optimisation, as well as current challenges to the vision of a human-centric AI, the lecture ’Humanism and artificial intelligence’ was held on Tuesday, 24th December at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law.

The discussion focused on the following questions: What are the capabilities of AI? Does AI allow us to retain free will and choice? Can AI respect laws, international law, and the values of humanity? Can we integrate ethics into AI code, or is it too late for that?

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The lecture was delivered by Dr Jovan Kurbalija, director of DiploFoundation and former executive director of the UN High-Level Panel on Digital Co-operation.

Event description

‘Cars are self-driving’, ‘AI is becoming ‘alive’ and replacing human roles’, ‘An AI just outperformed 20 top lawyers’, and ‘Will AI take over lawyers and judges?’ are just some of the common media titles and topics in the artificial intelligence (AI) debate. While AI makes our lives easier, its rapid development raises numerous philosophical, legal, and political issues.

This and other related topics will be discussed with the Belgrade University Faculty of Law faculty and students on Tuesday, 24 December 2019, at 17:00 CET.