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E-diplomacy Compact Seminar at College of Europe

16 April 2013 -


Event description

Dr Jovan Kurbalija delivered the concept seminar on e-diplomacy. The seminar examined the impact of the Internet on modern diplomacy and international relations. The Seminar used the EU’s study “Towards a Future Internet – 2020” to frame a discussion on the challenges for EU’s e-diplomacy. The seminar started with a survey of Internet-driven changes in the global environment for today's diplomacy, and the emergence of new topics on diplomatic agendas (Internet governance, cybersecurity, cyber war). The main focus of the seminar was the current and future use of e-tools in diplomatic activities, including analyses of the use of social media (e.g. blogs, Twitter, Facebook, wiki) in diplomacy. The underlying theme of the seminar wasthe EU's policy and practical approach to e-diplomacy.