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Diplomats as Writers panel at the Cairo International Book Fair

28 January 2023


Event description

Will writing talents preserve the diplomatic profession in the AI era?

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As we learn about ChatGPT and the risk for many ‘white collar’ professions, including diplomacy, a prominent panel of leading Egyptian diplomats discussed the role of diplomats as writers. The panel was organised and moderated by Amb. Amr Aljowaily, African Union civil servant, Egyptian diplomat, Diplo’s lecturer, and the writer himself. 

As they discussed the ‘artistic creativity’ of diplomats in literature, they also outlined many elements that will contribute to the diplomatic profession even in the AI era. Exactly insights, intuition, and effective storytelling is our human ‘talent’ that guard against any AI invasion. 

Intellectuals, young diplomats, and students from Egypt attended the session. They should be encouraged to learn creative diplomatic skills that AI can’t do.

Ambassador Aljowaly plans to feature the contribution of diplomats as writers in Egypt and the Arab world by preparing a reference publication on this topic, titled for now “From the Telegram to the Book: Egyptian Diplomats as Authors”.

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