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Digital Technologies and the Environment: a Synergy for the Future Event

17 February 2022


Event description

Digital technologies can amplify efforts to mitigate climate change and, as such, are becoming part of environmental and digital policies on the national and international levels. Most global policies from international bodies, the EU, the USA, and Germany substantially reflect on the issues related to the nexus of environmental and digital developments. In this discussion, we will look into current developments in the relevant fora, such as the US-EU Trade and Technology Council, and consider the possibilities to deepen cooperation and understanding between the USA, the EU, and Germany on issues related to environment and digital developments.

Banner for the event: Digital Technologies and the Environment: a Synergy for the Future

Diplo US and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Washington, DC office, commissioned a report mapping the interactions between digital developments and the environment. The report looks into existing policies and avenues of cooperation between the USA, the EU, and Germany. The report explores the topics of greenhouse gas emissions, rare earths, and e-waste. It will be available for download at the event, free of charge.

Register to reserve your virtual seat at the event on Thursday, 17 February, at 09:00 EST (15:00 CET). The event will be 45 minutes long.