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Capacity Development 2020 online course


Event description

The Diplo Capacity Development course is the first e-learning that really convinced me! I’ve got the information I expected and the exchanges and debates with the team and other participants were really useful, full of meaning and instructive. What I really appreciate is the quality of the written materials and references for additional documentation. I can use all this information for direct inputs in my work and field missions.

Vanessa StozPublic Finance Management Expert – Lux-Development (March 2017)

Capacity development has been emerging as a central approach within development for more than two decades. This approach has gradually shifted the focus of development practice from simple financial aid and technical cooperation towards a complex new paradigm that encourages and demands active involvement and ownership from the people and communities involved in aid programmes. The approach takes into account the broader political, social, and economic environment in which change takes place. Capacity development co-exists and is supported by older forms of development practice, and is a continuously shifting paradigm as experience informs policy, practice and theory.

To help you better understand and master this complex paradigm, this course introduces the key concepts, principles and values of capacity development. The main focus is on building practical skills for better design, planning, implementation and assessment of capacity development initiatives.

Course materials were developed with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Learning Network on Capacity Development (LenCD), and Learn4Dev.

Visit the course webpage to read more and apply by 13 January 2020.