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Addressing AI-driven Socio-economic Inequality

25 November 2021


Event summary

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Event recording

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Event description

In March 2020, entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk stated that ‘AI is far more dangerous than nukes’. This wasn’t he first time the adverse effects of the scale of AI deployment has been discussed. Throughout the last century, via science fictions movies and novels, the idea of a grim dystopian future controlled by AI has been publicised a lot.

Unfortunately, due to numerous cognitive biases and social challenges, AI tools are in many ways posing a risk of widening socioeconomic inequality. With the private sector being a major driver of AI research and deployment, a lot of questions are raised about their ability to priorities responsible and ethical actions over the pursuit of profits, alongside the rampant automation and job losses.

Participants of the event Addressing AI-driven Socio-economic Inequality, organised by IndiaAI, will discuss:

  • Broadening of the socioeconomic gap due to AI advancements
  • Frameworks and norms that can be developed and deployed by governments and the private sector to address these circumstances

Diplo’s Dr Katharina Höne (Director of Research) will be one of the speakers of the discussion.

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