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We need your support: vote for Diplo's two projects in the WSIS Project Prizes 2015 voting process.

The Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme for participants from the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), organised by Hivos in collaboration with DiploFoundation and the Associatio

DiploFoundation (Diplo), as a capacity building, research, and academic organisation, has contributed significantly to

DiploFoundation’s flagship Internet governance programme, the Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme, and the book An Introduction to Internet Governance, have been nomin

Professionals working in specialised Internet governance and ICT-related areas often need to supplement their knowledge by learning about other areas which affect or impact on their area of special

I’m reflecting on the annual IGF meeting which took place two weeks ago, thinking about all the discussions that took place during workshops, the conversations that followed, and the new initiative

DiploFoundation is pleased to announce the recipients of two fellowships to attend the 7th Internet Governance Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan on 6-9 November, 2012.

You are involved in human rights online, but wickitee (WCIT) sounds like something used to play cricket, ETNO sounds like the name of a robot, and Baku like an exotic vacation spot.


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Towards more inclusive and effective diplomacy

Diplo is a non-profit foundation established by the governments of Malta and Switzerland. Diplo works to increase the role of small and developing states, and to improve global governance and international policy development.

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