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DiploNews – Issue 56 – 3 July 2003

DiploNews – Issue 56 – July 3, 2003

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Call for Applications: Bilateral Diplomacy Online Course

DiploFoundation invites you to apply for our online course “Bilateral Diplomacy”, running from August 11 to October 16, 2003. The objective of this course is to acquaint participants with bilateral diplomacy; one of the essential building blocks of international relations. Teaching of basic theory is combined with concrete experience that is the result of actual practice of diplomacy. The course should give participants a complete overview of the content and methods of bilateral diplomacy, with practical examples that equip them to analyse international affairs.

Application deadline: July 15, 2003. E-mail admissions@diplomacy.edu.

Call for Applications: Postgraduate Diploma in Diplomacy

DiploFoundation's online Postgraduate Diploma in Diplomacy focuses on a broad spectrum of issues relevant for today's diplomats, including the position of diplomats in a globalised world, new topics on diplomatic agendas, and the use of the Internet and other information and communications technology (ICT) tools for diplomatic activities.

This year the program will coincide with the follow-up to the first phase of the World Summit on the Information Society, or WSIS (Geneva, December 2003) and preparations for the second phase (Tunis, November 2005). Participants will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to take part in events such as the WSIS. Through negotiation simulation exercises participants will learn about the influence of ICT on diplomacy and international relations, and keep up-to-date with new developments in the field. The program consists of an introductory workshop of 10 days in Malta and 10 months of online learning. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a postgraduate diploma in diplomacy awarded by the University of Malta.

Application deadline: October 31, 2003. E-mail admissions@diplomacy.edu.

Economic Diplomacy Portal

In the boundless ocean of the Internet identifying necessary information has become a challenging intellectual exercise. Experts in various fields often find themselves locked in an interminable and exhausting battle of searching and gathering information for the purpose of their research or work. Many believe that while the web is undoubtedly a helpful information tool, finding just what one needs is like "finding a needle in a haystack". DiploFoundation hopes to assist academics, scholars, analysts, and diplomats utilize the enormous potential hidden in web-based information resources by creating web gateways or portals offering carefully selected subject-related information.

We invite you to visit our new Economic Diplomacy Portal created by Ambassador Kishan Rana and Valentin Katrandzhiev. This portal looks at various facets of modern economic diplomacy as a component of international relations. The content is enhanced by a great number of full text articles and lengthy extracts from research based monographs.

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