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DiploNews – Issue 492 – 3 June 2024

CADE officially launched

The Civil Society Alliances for Digital Empowerment (CADE) is officially underway! CADE is a consortium of nine organisations (with Diplo as the lead) that have teamed up to enhance the capacity of civil society organisations (CSOs) for effective participation in multilateral and multistakeholder internet governance processes.

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Diplo Academy upcoming courses and programmes

🎓 2025 MA/PGD in Contemporary Diplomacy (with internet governance specialisation)!

Diplo is now accepting applications for the 2025 online Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Diplomacy and the MA/PGD with a specialisation in internet governance, run in cooperation with the University of Malta Department of International Relations. The programme starts on 27 January 2025.

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During 16 to 20 months of online study, the programme guides working diplomats, international relations professionals, and internet policymakers through the theoretical and practical building blocks of diplomacy, with a focus on contemporary issues and challenges.

Scholarships covering 20%–50% of the Postgraduate Diploma fee are available for applicants from small and developing states.

For further information and to apply, please visit the MA/PGD in Contemporary Diplomacy web page.

⭐ Humanitarian Diplomacy online course: Applications open! 

Applications are now open for our Humanitarian Diplomacy online diploma course, offered in cooperation with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

Learn how to advance your career and improve the work of your organisation!

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☀️ Diplo’s 2024 summer online courses

Register now to reserve your place in our specialised summer courses!

👉🏼 Application deadlines for certificates issued by Diplo: 17 June 2024

For further information and to apply, click the course titles above or visit Diplo’s course catalogue.

◆ Need financial assistance? Scholarships are available!

Thanks to support from the government of Malta, partial scholarships are available for applicants from developing countries to attend upcoming Diplo online courses. These scholarships cover 30%–60% of course fees and can be applied to most 2024 online courses. Browse our course catalogue and contact us at admissions@diplomacy.edu for further information.

Diplo and the GIP at WSIS+20 Forum

Diplo and the GIP took part in the WSIS+20 Forum. Whilst the Digital Watch Observatory provided just-in-time reporting from the WSIS+20 Forum, Diplo and its experts were involved in the sessions below:

▪️ Session #239: How African Knowledge and Wisdom Can Inspire the Development and Governance of AI
This session was co-organised by Diplo. Official event page | Reporting page

▪️ Session #333: GDC and WSIS+20 Processes: What’s in It for Africa?
Diplo experts contributed to this session. Official event page | Reporting page

▪️ Session #339: Stocktaking Exercise of the Global Digital Compact Process and How To Link It to the WSIS +20 Process
Diplo experts contributed to this session. Official event page | Reporting page

▪️ Session #191: Enhancing CSO Participation in Global Digital Policy Processes: Roles, Structures, and Accountability
Diplo organised this session as the CADE project launch. Official event page | Reporting page

Blogs and publications

◆ Explaining AI through national flags

In his latest book, Jovan Kurbalija demystifies AI using a unique and accessible approach – through the patterns found in country flags displayed in front of the UN in Geneva. By examining shared patterns of shapes, colours, and symbols, Kurbalija identifies families of flags, such as Arab, African, and Nordic. Read more and watch the video below!

◆ The Intellectual Property Saga: Approaches for Balancing AI Advancements and IP Protection | Part 3

In continuing the three-part series on AI’s influence on intellectual property (IP), this final part touches upon the approaches being applied to safeguard IP in the AI Age. Read the DW analysis!

◆ TikTok, a Threat or a Victim of Complicated Cyber-Diplomatic Relationships?

The TikTok legal saga highlights the complex interplay between technology, law, and geopolitics. As digital sovereignty and data privacy become increasingly important, the outcome of TikTok’s legal battles will have significant implications for the global tech industry. Read the DW analysis!

◆ DW Weekly #162 (31 May 2024)

TikTok is reportedly developing a new recommendation algorithm for its US-based users, potentially paving the way for the divestiture of ByteDance’s US assets; the EU established its AI Office; International law enforcement agencies took down 911 S5, the biggest botnet ever; Zambia joined the list of countries with national AI strategies. Read DW Weekly #162!

◆ Speaking of Futures (1): Story-capsules

Diplo has launched a new futures literacy online course, aligning with the UN’s 2024 Summit of the Future. Diplo faculty member and linguist Biljana Scott explores how language shapes our perception of the future, highlighting the importance of recognising unconscious biases. Read the blog post!

◆ Speaking of Futures (2): Que será, será

In her second blog post on the subject, Biljana Scott focuses on the framing devices contained in larger narratives about AI, from science fiction and cautionary tales to logical fallacies. Read the blog post!

◆ ConfTech Digest #35, April–May

In the latest ConfTech Digest, we have a look what Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom have been up to, including new layouts, Presents Background, improved live translated captioning, seamless transfer between devices during calls, and annotation tools. Read ConfTech Digest #35!

◆ Diplomacy and Spying

Governments spying is common, but diplomats should never spy. In this post, Aldo Matteucci explores the importance of privacy, autonomy, and creativity in diplomacy, warns against the threats from public opinion, and advocates for pragmatic transparency. Read the blog post!

◆ Religious History and Big Data

In 2015, Aldo Matteucci commented on the ambitious plan for a big-data-driven encyclopedia of religious cultural history, highlighting issues with Western biases and the difficulty of quantifying religious experiences. Read this blog postt!

Latest videos

◆ André Xuereb on quantum computing and diplomacy

Curious about how quantum computing could revolutionise diplomacy and security?

In this video, André Xuereb, Malta’s ambassador for Digital Affairs, Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade of Malta, explains the capabilities of quantum computers and their implications for the future.

◆ DWshorts #24: TikTok Creators Strike Back / ECB Pushes Digital €

In this latest DWshorts episode, Arvin Kamberi tells us how a group of TikTok creators has taken legal action against the US Federal Government over a law concerning TikTok. In other news, he outlines the latest on the challenges faced by central banks and the development of a digital version of the euro.

Don’t miss…

◆ Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait and Diplo forge strategic partnership

Diplo and the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs signed a memorandum of understanding, formalising a strategic partnership between the two institutions.The MoU outlines specific objectives to enhance the competencies of diplomats within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, emphasising capacity development, knowledge sharing, and the responsible use of AI technology in policy development and diplomatic practices.

Following the MoU signing, Dr Jovan Kurbalija (Executive Director, Diplo) delivered a public lecture titled The Roles of Diplomacy in AI Geopolitics. Read more!

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◆ Countries Grapple With Shaping AI Governance Amid Heightened Global Tensions

The article, published by Geneva Solutions, includes various quotations and points by Dr Jovan Kurbalija (Executive Director, Diplo) on AI governance, the WSIS Forum, geopolitical tensions, the Global Digital Compact, and Geneva’s role. Read the article!

◆ ITU Technologized: Switzerland – Co-Host of WSIS+20 and the AI for Good Global Summit With ITU

Published during the week in which the WSIS+20 Forum and AI for Good were organised, this ITU podcast presents a conversation with Ambassador Jürg Lauber (Head, Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the UN in New York) and Dr Jovan Kurbalija (Executive Director, Diplo) about how emerging technologies like AI have arrived on the global agenda, and why Geneva is the place to be. Listen to the episode!

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