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DiploNews – Issue 483 – 15 January 2024

AI and Digital Predictions for 2024

It has become an annual tradition: once again, Dr Jovan Kurbalija presented his thoughts on the digital policy trends for the next 12 months. Watch the recording, read the event report, and Dr Kurbalija’s detailed blog post, and review last year’s predictions!

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Read the event report | Read the 2024 predictions blog post | Read the 2023 predictions review

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Upcoming events

◆ Webinar: The Impact of AI on Data Collection, Exploitation, Protection, and Privacy in Africa (17 Jan.)

Join us as we explore the transformative impact of advancing AI technologies on data collection, exploitation, protection, and privacy in Africa, focusing on the implications of AI use across various domains.

By examining the Malabo Convention, this webinar aims to assess the risks and challenges in data-related domains, explore opportunities, highlight ethical considerations, and propose policy recommendations.

Join us on 17 January 2024, 13:30–15:00 UTC (16:30–18:00 Nairobi time)

Read more and register to attend!

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◆ 9th Geneva Engage Awards (1 Feb.)

2023 has been an eventful year in the digital world. How has International Geneva engaged with the rest of the globe in these precarious times?

To learn more, join us for the 9th edition of the Geneva Engage Awards on Thursday, 1 February 2024.

Interested? Keep an eye out on the event page – updates are coming soon!

9th Geneva Engage Awards - 1 February 2024

Blogs and publications

◆ The evolution of Western democracy

Aldo Mateucci examines David Graeber’s insights on democracy’s origins, cultural innovation, and the limitations of historical analysis. Read the blog post.

◆ Transforming public space

Ever wonder why unseen influences shape public spaces more than our own decisions? Aldo Matteucci analyses. Read the blog post.

◆ DW Weekly #141

In Digital Watch Weekly #141:

  • Main themes: AI, semiconductors, cybersecurity
  • AI making its way into the courtroom
  • AI lawsuits and copyrighted material
  • Internet censorship in 2023
  • UK and India announce cooperation on digital sustainability
  • And much more!

Read Digital Watch Weekly #141 here!

Latest videos

◆ From Vienna thinkers to the AI concept (Byte-sized Insights #8)

Explore the profound impact of Vienna thinkers – Von Mises, Schumpeter, Hayek, Freud, and Wittgenstein – whose ideas have shaped modern economics, politics, and AI. From the centrality of choice to the concept of creative destruction in Silicon Valley, join us on a journey through the core thinking toolkit that defines our era, uncovering its intellectual architects.

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Don’t miss…

◆ ITU event: Open Source (Generative) AI for Public Services Innovation (18 Jan.)

Dr Jovan Kurbalija (Executive Director, Diplo; Head, Geneva Internet Platform) will participate in the event titled Open Source (Generative) AI for Public Services Innovation, organised by ITU’s AI for Good initiative. Join Dr Kurbalija on Thursday, 18 January 2024 at 13:00 UTC (14:00 CET).

To learn more and register, visit the official event page.

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