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DiploNews – Issue 478 – 1 November 2023

Diplo Academy upcoming courses and programmes

🆕 Special assistance fund for LDCs! 2024 MA in Contemporary Diplomacy (with internet governance specialisation)

We are pleased to announce a special assistance fund for applicants from least developed countries (LDCs). Through this fund, eligible applicants can receive financial support of up to 75% of the postgraduate fee. The fund is supported by the Government of Malta through the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade (MFET).

The programme starts on 29 January 2024, and is run in cooperation with the Department of International Relations, University of Malta.

During 16 to 20 months of online study, the programme guides working diplomats, international relations professionals, and internet policymakers through the theoretical and practical building blocks of diplomacy, with a focus on contemporary issues and challenges.

❗ Financial assistance available:

  • Diplo alumni are entitled to a 20% reduction in tuition fees.
  • Applicants from developing countries can be awarded a limited number of partial scholarships.
  • Maltese applicants can benefit from up to 70% off the fee in tax credits as part of the Get Qualified scheme.

For further information and to apply, please visit the MA/PGD in Contemporary Diplomacy web page.

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❄️ Applications open! Winter 2024 online courses

Reserve your place in our popular winter course!

👉🏼 Application deadlines for certificates issued by Diplo: 15 January 2024

For further information and to apply, click the course titles above or visit Diplo’s course catalogue.

Need financial assistance? Scholarships available!

Thanks to the support from the government of Malta, partial scholarships are available for applicants from developing countries to attend upcoming Diplo online courses. These scholarships cover 30%–60% of course fees and can be applied to most online courses in 2024. Browse our course catalogue and contact us at admissions@diplomacy.edu for further information.

Blogs and publications

◆ IGF 2023: Final report

Get ready for an exciting journey into the future of internet governance! Our IGF 2023: Final Report offers a detailed analysis of:

  • The Top 10 questions debated at IGF 2023
  • Data analysis of IGF 2023
  • Diplo and GIP’s role at IGF 2023

Read the IGF 2023: Final Report!

IGF 2023 Final Report

◆ DW Weekly

  • Weekly #132: Middle East conflict triggers a wave of fake news | New G7 and ASEAN guidelines on AI in the pipeline | Microsoft closes Activision purchase
  • Weekly #133: China unveils Global AI Governance Initiative | USA tightens restrictions on chip exports | EU formally asks Meta, TikTok about curbing fake news
  • Weekly #134: Biden’s executive order on AI | G7 AI principles, code of conduct | Musk’s Starlink to provide internet access to humanitarian workers in Gaza | Meta sued over children’s mental health concerns

◆ Truth and consequences

Should we always seek out the ‘truth’? What if that pursuit leads to negative outcomes for both ourselves and the world? Aldo Matteucci delves into the complexities. Read the blog post.

◆ 2023 AI tech trends

In DiploAI’s latest blog post, it offers the latest news from the world of artificial intelligence: the latest efforts from Intel, Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Foxconn; AI companies’ valuation rise; the rise of tech giants in Europe; Google Maps’ immersive navigation; Woodpecker fighting AI hallucinations; and more! Read the blog post.

Latest videos

◆ AI Shorts #2: ‘OpenAI’s nightmare: Authorship, identity & copyright’

Our (human) reporter, Yung-Hsuan, talks us through some of the latest AI highlights:

  • Allegations faced by OpenAI for training ChatGPT on authors’ works without their permission
  • Google and the US Department of Defense developing an AI-powered microscope that detects cancer
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◆ DWshorts #17: Legal blow to social media giants in the USA

Diplo’s Su Sonia Herring takes us through a selection of digital policy updates:

  • Tech giants in child addiction lawsuit
  • Misinformation and disinformation surrounding the Israel-Gaza war
  • More than EUR 9 billion lost through unrecycled e-waste
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Don’t miss…

◆ 2023 Global Cybersecurity Forum (1–2 November)

Dr Jovan Kurbalija, executive director of DiploFoundation and head of the Geneva Internet Platform, will address the 2023 Global Cybersecurity Forum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

This year’s forum will be held under the theme ‘Charting Shared Priorities in Cyberspace’. Dr Kurbalija will participate in the session ‘The State of Cyber Diplomacy: Momentum, Inertia, or Something Else Altogether?’. Read more.

◆ 4th AI Policy Summit (3–4 November)

Diplo is honoured to once again serve as an organising partner for the 4th edition of the AI Policy Summit. This summit continues to foster a multistakeholder dialogue, bringing together leading experts to delve into the realm of public policy and societal engagement. The aim is to harness the benefits of AI, minimise its associated risks, and promote its wider adoption. Read more and register.

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◆ UNCTAD eWeek 2023 (4–8 December)

The theme for this influential event is ‘Shaping the future of the digital economy’, promising an engaging and insightful exploration of the digital era’s unfolding opportunities and challenges.

As in previous years, the GIP Digital Watch observatory will provide just-in-time reporting from the UNCTAD eWeek. Visit the official website.

◆ The Western Balkans: Cyber Diplomacy for Cybersecurity – Belgrade Security Conference (13 October)

Diplo’s Vladimir Radunovic (Director of Cybersecurity & E-diplomacy) took part in the Belgrade Security Conference’s session ‘The Western Balkans: Cyber Diplomacy for Cybersecurity’. Read the event organiser’s report.

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