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DiploNews – Issue 23 – 7 August 2000

DiploNews – Issue 23 – August 7, 2000

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Council of Europe IT Seminar

DiploProjects and the Council of Europe organised a three-day seminar for diplomats accredited to the Council of Europe and Council of Europe officials on the use of IT in diplomacy. The seminar included simulation exercises on the use of IT in Council activities such as negotiation, information gathering, drafting documents, etc. The huge knowledge base of the Council of Europe, gathered over the last 40 years, can be activated through the use of modern information and knowledge management techniques.

Call for Papers

CALL FOR PAPERS for the *International Negotiation Section* at the Fourth Pan-European International Relations Conference, Canterbury (UK), 8-10 September 2001. The purpose of this workshop is to investigate whether there are distinctive European contributions to the formulation and application of international negotiation theory, emerging from European traditions, experience, and ethics.

Co-chairs: Raymond Cohen (Jerusalem, msrcohen@pluto.mscc.huji.ac.il ),
Christer Jonsson (Lund, Christer.jonsson@svet.lu.se ) and Jan Melissen
(Leicester, JM33@le.ac.uk – Section Chair).

For more details:

Inside Diplomacy by Kishan S. Rana – Book Review by Prof. Berridge

Professor Berridge has provided a very positive review of Kishan Rana's new book, Inside Diplomacy: "This is a book on diplomacy in general and the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) in particular. It is also a gem, and a large gem. It breathes life, wisdom, and good humour, and is full of rich detail. I found it thoroughly absorbing. Students of diplomacy at all stages of their careers will find it immensely useful." Berridge particularly praises Rana for including, along with the standard topics, chapters on less frequently addressed subjects: "diplomatic training, the diplomatic inspectorate, properties owned or leased by the IFS abroad, and the domestic roles of the foreign ministry. The substantial section on 'The Diplomatic Corps' in the chapter on 'Missions Abroad' is also original and particularly interesting." The review concludes: "In my opinion this is the best general work on practical, contemporary diplomacy which is currently available."

To read the entire review please visit .


The tiny Pacific island nation of Tuvalu has no natural resources except fish. Its approximately 10 000 inhabitants are very poor, surviving on subsistence farming and fishing. However, this may change soon. Tuvalu's Internet country code is .tv, an extension which a California Internet company called IdeaLab thinks may be very popular. The IdeaLab backed company DotTV has recently come to an agreement with Tuvalu for exclusive rights over second-level domain names in the .tv top-level domain. Tuvalu plans to use proceeds from the agreement, a minimum of $4 million per year over the next ten years, to make improvements in its health care, education and transportation, increasing the quality of life for its citizens.

For more information see DotTV's Internet action site for .tv domain names, and news reports at:



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