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DiploNews – Issue 113 – 1 November 2007

DiploNews – Issue 113 – November 1, 2007

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2008 Diplo Courses

You are invited to see our 2008 online course schedule, available at our Online Credit Courses site and our Online Certificate Courses site.

We are currently accepting applications for our February 2008 online courses:

  • Diplomatic Theory and Practice
    (Prof G. R. Berridge, Mr Haraldur Þór Egilsson, Mr Christiaan Sys)
  • Cyber Diplomacy
    (Mr Stefano Baldi, Dr Jovan Kurbalija and Dr Andrei Mikheyev)
  • Public Diplomacy
    (Ambassador Kishan Rana and Dr Biljana Scott)

These three courses are available as Online Credit Courses (application deadline: December 17, 2007) and Online Certificate Courses (application deadline: January 14, 2008).

For further information, or to apply, click on the titles of the courses above, or visit our course website.

Diplomatic Writers

Stefano Baldi, an Italian diplomat and Senior Fellow of DiploFoundation has recently published an extensive bibliography of books written or edited by Italian diplomats. To keep the list up to date, and to extend it world wide, he has created an experimental e-mail distribution list called “Diplomat-Writer.” The purpose of the list is to facilitate the exchange of information on books that diplomats all around the world have published. E-mails specifically related to this topic will be circulated among members. To subscribe and to exchange information on books published by diplomats, access Stefano Baldi's Homepage for instructions.

World Digital Library

In other recent bibliographic news, an article from UNESCO Press reports that UNESCO and the US Library of Congress will build a World Digital Library, following the signing of an agreement by UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information, and the Librarian of Congress. The World Digital Library initiative will provide access to unique and rare materials from libraries and other cultural institutions around the world free of charge on the Internet. These materials include manuscripts, maps, books, musical scores, sound recordings, films, prints, and photographs. An important aspect of the project is to build digital library capabilities in developing countries, so that all countries and all regions can use and include material in the World Digital Library. Consult the project home site for more information.

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