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Diplo in the Media

Diplo in the Media showcases links to features and articles by Diplo’s lecturers, staff, and associates in public media. Diplo’s global team of lecturers, researchers, and practising diplomats provide unique expertise in modern diplomatic issues.

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24 May 2011

TV Avala (24 May, 2011)
(video interview with Nikola Bozic, in Serbian)

26 May 2011

Radio Index (26 May 2011)
(audio interview with Nikola Bozic, in Serbian)

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(Serbia hosts a great event about the Internet)
b92net (24 May 2011)
(in Serbian)

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The TakeAway (17 May 2011)
(audio interview with Jovan Kurbalija)

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BBC (16 May 2011)
(Jovan Kurbalija quoted)

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Financial Times (15 May 2011)
(Jovan Kurbalija quoted)

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By Aldo Matteuci, Diplo's Senior Fellow and Resident Contrarian
South China Morning Post (31 March 2012)