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Diplo in the Media

Diplo in the Media showcases links to features and articles by Diplo’s lecturers, staff, and associates in public media. Diplo’s global team of lecturers, researchers, and practising diplomats provide unique expertise in modern diplomatic issues.

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In this video broadcast Dr Jovan Kurbalija (Executive Director, Diplo; Head, Geneva Internet Platform (GIP)) discusses the rise of e-diplomacy.

Broadcast on Sansad TV (13 May 2022)

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Mr Vladimir Radunović (Cybersecurity and E-diplomacy Programmes Director, Diplo) on N1 (Serbian TV) discussing Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter (article and video in Serbian).

N1 (27 April 2022)

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The article (in French) about Richard Werly's move from Le Temps to Blick, also refers to Werly joining Diplo as Senior Strategic Advisor.

Written by Stéphane Benoit-Godet for L'Illustré (5 April 2022)

Jamaica Observer logo

The article reports from the webinar 'Traversing the Metaverse — A Caribbean Perspective' which saw the participation of Diplo's Vladimir Radunović (Director of Cybersecurity and E-diplomacy)

The article has also been reposted on the Caribbean Business Report

Written by Andrew Laidley for the Jamaica Observer (11 February 2022)

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In this five-minute television interview during TRT World's programme NewsHour, Vladimir Radunović (Director of Cybersecurity and E-diplomacy, Diplo) discusses whether cyberattacks should be regarded as warfare; if existing laws apply to cyberspace; and the problem of attribution in the case of cyberattacks.

TRT World (8 February 2022)

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In his article, Evarist Bartolo (Maltese Minister for European and Foreign Affairs) writes about the training delivered by Diplo to the Namibia diplomatic corps. He then highlights the importance of digital diplomacy for peace and security, and hence, for similar trainings in other countries.

Written by Evarist Bartolo for The Malta Independent (8 February 2022)