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Diplo in the Media

Diplo in the Media showcases links to features and articles by Diplo’s lecturers, staff, and associates in public media. Diplo’s global team of lecturers, researchers, and practising diplomats provide unique expertise in modern diplomatic issues.

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ojiUGQvA malta information

The press release reports from Dr Ian Borg's (Malta's Minister for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade) visit and speech at the Summit on Digital Diplomacy and Governance (November 2022), where he announced that Malta will be intensifying its efforts in order to provide more scholarships for training in the areas of digital diplomacy and governance.

The press release has been covered by TVMNews and One.

Press release by Malta Government's Department of information (18 November 2022)

ticino politica

The article (available in Italian, French, and German) reports from Ignazio Cassis' (President of the Swiss Confederation) visit to Malta, including a speech at the Summit on Digital Diplomacy and Governance, and a meeting with Ian Borg (Malta's Minister for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade).

Published on ticinopolitica (18 November 2022)


The article (in German) discusses digital diplomacy with Martin Rauchbauer, Former Austrian Tech Ambassador in Silicon Valley, and makes reference to Diplo's Summit on Digital Diplomacy and Governance (November 2022).

The article by the APA (Austria Presse Agentur) has been published on https://www.krone.at/ and https://www.news.at/ amongst others.

Written by Sonja Harter for APA (17 November 2022)


The article discusses the collapse of crypto markets, and includes comments from Diplo's Arvin Kamberi.

Written by Bojan Stojkovski for The Recursive (14 November 2022)

TRT World logo

Ljupčo Jivan Gjorgjinski, Diplo Senior Fellow and former Chair of the Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS), interviewed on TRT World about artificial intelligence and the use of weapons.

TRT World (8 September 2022)

uPvR8xS5 Sansad tv

In this video broadcast Dr Jovan Kurbalija (Executive Director, Diplo; Head, Geneva Internet Platform (GIP)) discusses the rise of e-diplomacy.

Broadcast on Sansad TV (13 May 2022)