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In their blog posts, Diplo alumni analyse various diplomatic and digital policy issues, incorporating the knowledge they gained in Diplo’s online courses and programmes. 

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Diplo alumnus appointed UNECE’s Executive Secretary


21 April 2017

Olga Algayerova, a Diplo and the University of Malta alumnus, of Slovakia, has just been appointed Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). She will succeed Christian Friis B...

Navigating implicit communication: reflections from a two-day workshop

Maja Bačlić

A two-day workshop on implicit communication was held in Belgrade and facilitated by linguist Dr Biljana Scott. The event, organised by DiploFoundation, was open to people from all backgrounds and professions. My fiel...

Effectiveness of multistakeholderism: the Kenya ICT Review 2016


Collective decision making is not alien to African culture. In many traditional societies, decisions were made by a council after listening to the views of different age groups and other societal groupings. In Kenya f...

MA students graduate in Malta


Eight students recently graduated Master in Contemporary Diplomacy from the University of Malta and DiploFoundation. Two of the students undertook a specialisation in Internet governance. The graduates and their ...

Privacy Shield challenged a second time

Ana Andrijevic

(with contributions from Aida Mahmutović) The fight over personal data transfers between the European Union (EU) and the USA is not over. Earlier this month, a second legal challenge directed at the Privacy Shield f...

I’m not a ‘technical person’, but I don’t have to be

Michael Oghia

Let me start with this, a more common utterance than not that I have often said as well as heard: when it comes to the Internet, I am not a technical person. What I mean is that I did not major in computer engineering...

E-commerce in Europe: consultations, court rulings, and other updates in September

Adriana Minović

With contributions from Barbara Rosen Jacobson, Roxana Radu, Marília Maciel, Sorina Teleanu, and Stephanie Borg Psaila The last few weeks were a vibrant period for e-commerce. New initiatives have flourished on a gl...

The rise of e-commerce initiatives: From expanding access to taxation

Ana Andrijevic

With contributions from Barbara Rosen Jacobson, Roxana Radu, Marília Maciel, Adriana Minović, and Jovan Kurbalija E-commerce has been remarkably present in intergovernmental forums this summer. Many new initiatives...