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In their blog posts, Diplo alumni analyse various diplomatic and digital policy issues, incorporating the knowledge they gained in Diplo’s online courses and programmes. 

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The Importance of Data in the CARICOM Region

Rawl Prescott

Data and statistics have been gaining increased attention at the global level.  One of the main discussions right now surrounds the value and use of data. The Economist asserts that ‘the value of data is increasing...

Cyberterrorism: What are we (not) talking about?

Irina Rizmal

In 2016, according to a Gallup poll, 73% of Americans cited cyberterrorism as a leading threat to vital US interests in the next 10 years. However, what does it really mean when we deduce that there is a threat of cyb...

Has diplomatic reporting shifted from narrative to data?

Virdzinija Saveska

Information has always been at the core of diplomacy. The increase in quantity and quality of information on which states and other actors in international relations can rely for decision-making presents an opportunit...

Advocate General: Uber is a transport company

Adriana Minović

The great debate about the regulatory regime applicable to the sharing economy business model, has finally reached the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). The debate was triggered back in 2015 when a Spanis...

5 things I’ve learned on public speaking

Jelena Ožegović

Public speaking ranks among the top five things that scare people.  Some of us would rather jump into a pool of spiders, hug a clown, or willingly sit through a dental procedure without anaesthesia, just to avoid the...

[WebDebate #12 summary] Standardisation: Practical solutions for strained negotiations, or an arena for realpolitik?

Virdzinija Saveska

Our May WebDebate looked at standards as tools for managing international relations and discussed the process of negotiating and implementing the standards. Standards define our everyday lives in ways most people do n...

HRC 34th session: digital rights in general, privacy in particular

Aida Mahmutović

A year after the first report of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy, national and international governmental surveillance activities remained in focus in the second report. The report of UN...

A 12-step guide to implementing the SDGs

Michael Oghia

Based on contributions from: Evelyn Namara, Meri Baghdasaryan, Adriana Castro, Alessia Zucchetti, Victor Ryan Biran, June Okal, Derek Yam, Manuel Sebastian Roa Gomez, Lai Ying Jojo Tang, and Michael J. Oghia A few mo...