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In their blog posts, Diplo alumni analyse various diplomatic and digital policy issues, incorporating the knowledge they gained in Diplo’s online courses and programmes. 

Read blog posts written by Diplo alumni, post your comments, and start a discussion on a topic of your interest.

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Techplomacy: Denmark’s bridgeway to Silicon Valley

Mads Mateusz Jaszczolt Fritzboeger

In May 2017, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Denmark appointed the World\'s first \'tech ambassador\' to Silicon Valley.  The decision was quickly criticised in Denmark for providing a unnecessaril...

Multistakeholderism and Internet governance in Cameroon

Manyi Arrey Orok-Tambe

As Internet governance (IG) grows increasingly important on international agendas, institutional coordination of the multistakeholder process is emerging as an important factor for successful IG outcomes. As laid out ...

Advanced Diploma in Internet Governance – First Graduates


Two years ago, Diplo introduced a new capacity development programme, the Advanced Diploma in Internet Governance. The programme was built around a selection of online courses focussing on Internet governance (IG) iss...

Parliamentary diplomacy and Internet policy making


Many issues in Internet governance are discussed on both the global and regional levels. For example, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) makes policy on domain names, while the Internet Go...

Is private public diplomacy a thing?

Michal Brichta

The purpose of this blog is to give a new impulse to the discussion on the role of private business in today’s public diplomacy and to open the question on what exactly private public diplomacy means, and whether it...

Cloud computing and data localisation: Lessons on jurisdiction

Ryan Gener

For many countries, the specific locus of citizen and other data for jurisdictional purposes is the data’s actual location. However, jurisdiction should be framed from a data processing and transfer perspective, and...

Online learning: A hype that changes and improves reality

Angelic Caroline Alihusain-del Castilho

In 2006, as I was selected by my country to fulfil the role of ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to the Republic of Indonesia, and I found myself searching for options to further my education in the diploma...

GDPR: Integrating human rights into business practices

Adriana Minović

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now only months away from entering into force (May 2018). There have been numerous debates as to how it will change the landscape of data protection in the EU and be...