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In their blog posts, Diplo Academy alumni analyse various diplomatic and digital policy issues, incorporating the knowledge they gained in Diplo’s online courses and programmes. 

Read blog posts written by Diplo alumni, post your comments, and start a discussion on a topic of your interest.

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Diplo Academy 2023: A year in review

Teodora Marković

In the year behind us, Diplo Academy has, once again, achieved excellent results in the field of e-learning. With over two decades of track record i...

Tech diplomacy could help solve global challenges

Mouloud Khelif

As we firmly step into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, disruptive technologies such as generative artificial intelligence promise not only to brin...

How can we balance security and privacy in the digital world?

Nourredine Bessadi

Privacy is crucial for individuals to safeguard their personal information and data, while security measures aim to protect them from harm. However, security often requires access to private info...

Who is selling data about researchers and why?

Inga Patarčić

01 February 2023

In the digital age, major academic publishers have been shifting business models from ...

Are companies responsible for the security of their digital services and products, and to what extent?

Nadia Tjahja

The IoT will remain insecure unless government steps in and fixes the problem. We’re unlikely to get any regulation forcing backbone companies to clean up either DDoS attacks or spam, just as w...

Beyond the hype of the race for 5G

Yug Desai

The 5th generation of cellular wireless technology (5G) is a big step forward for mobile broadband as it will significantly increase internet speeds, improve latency, and provide higher bandwidths. It is an enormous e...

Post-COVID-19 economic diplomacy for small states

Alfred Tabone

Small states, which make up more than half of the world\'s population, employ various tactics and strategies to best position themselves for economic development and political influence in today\'s globalised, multi-p...

Cybercrime: Recognising and preventing malicious activities online

Guillaume Michel

With the advent of digital banking and digital technologies, new pathways to criminal and illicit activities have opened up. This post discusses cybercrime, and analyses its impact and potential prevention measures th...