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Richard Hill (not verified) July 02, 2017

Here are my comments on this:

Marília Maciel July 03, 2017

Dear Richard, thank you very much for posting your article. I share your concern with transparency. While JOB/SERV/248/Rev.2 has been made public (it is actually a minor review of the non-paper presented in July 2016, discussed here:, TN/S/W/64 is listed in the WTO database of documents, but the access to its content is restricted to member states. I also agree that WTO member states should take into account the work that has been performed by international organisations and non-governmental organisations in many of the issues that they consider taking on board. In some cases, some of these other organisations could be better forums for discussion; in other cases, WTO regulation is welcome, if coordinated with the work performed by other bodies, and in consultation with a wider group of actors.

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