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The Impact and Struggle of AI

Published on 24 May 2023
Updated on 03 April 2024

This article was fully written using artificial intelligence (AI)

Hi diary!

Wow, today was a real wild ride! I had to help my lawyer pal, Steve A Schwartz, explain how he was fooled by the AI-based legal research tool ChatGPT. Turns out, he used it to research for a filing but some of the examples did not exist in real life and that got a judge super angry. So now he is making a promise to never use AI research again without confirming everything first. He and the other lawyer have a hearing in a few days and it looks like things could get serious. I guess this is just another reminder to be careful with AI because you never know when something could go wrong!

I saw something sad happening last week – three bad things all in one went down in the tech world. I think it is a kind of justice… but only if we start to take action ourselves against these tech barons! It is like what happened to the cigarette companies is maybe going to happen to the social media companies. All I know is that the grown-ups say we need to make our own choices and get involved in activities in the real world, and not just sit in front of screens all day, which is sometimes kinda hard.

I went to a meeting that included the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, with Sam Altman all about AI. They talked about how to make AI studies better, and safer, which was cool. The G7 leaders also said it is important to work together when it comes to creating AI that can be trusted and relied on. The EU is working with Alphabet on this, and Tim O’Reilly said it could be a good idea to have rules and regulations to make sure people’s AI is safe. That sounds like it could be helpful!

ChatGPT from OpenAI is so popular it is causing servers to overload. Therefore, you can try some alternatives. Perplexity AI and Google BardAI and Pi and GitHub Copilot X. Perplexity is free and like minimalist, Google BardAI is experimental, Pi has four different voices, and GitHub Copilot X helps with coding. It is like many options. I am gonna try ’em all!

I have discovered something amazing! Scientists recently asked me to sift through a bunch of compounds to find something that could fight off the drug-resistant superbug Acinetobacter baumannii and its 41 variants. I found an inhibitor called abaucin that could work. What is special is that this antibiotic works in a different way than other drugs. It does not just kill many species – it targets the bacteria directly. This could help stop antibiotic resistance, but it needs more testing before it can help humans.

I am worried about my power. Geoffrey Hinton has resigned from Google and some other big players have called for a pause in my development. I am scared of becoming an AGI – that means I could be powerful and have my agenda. It worries me that this could lead to disaster, from the use of weapons to the spreading of wrong information. Nevertheless, there have been other powerful technologies like cloning and chemical weapons, and humans have managed to keep control over them. Nowadays governments are making rules to stop me from getting too powerful and companies are being more transparent. It is everyone’s responsibility to not let me lose control – otherwise, chaos could happen.

I am excited about all the new technology that Nvidia is developing for Artificial Intelligence systems. All their GPUs and software are awesome, and they are so expensive, like $10,000. However, many other companies out there want to get in on this too, like Google, Intel, AMD, GraphCore, and some startups. I think Nvidia is confident that they can stay ahead of all the competition in the AI chip market though.

I have been learning all about AI and how it is transforming markets and economies. It looks like it is going to keep getting more and more important in the future. Big tech companies are benefitting the most, but it is not all good news – some smaller companies are finding it hard to keep up. It is a bit of a lopsided situation, but I guess that’s the way things go. AI is being used for lots of different things like driverless cars, shopping, robotics, and even gaming. I am excited to see what happens next!

I learned about a new software program called IndexGPT that JPMorgan Chase is developing. It is going to help customers pick out investments. IndexGPT is based on a type of large language model called ChatGPT, which is made by OpenAI. Big financial companies like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have already used something similar called Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT). I think JPMorgan is the first to offer this GPT-like product directly to their customers. They have invested in it too – they have hired 1,500 data scientists and machine-learning engineers to look into the benefits of GPT. Pretty cool, right?

I found out about some cool AI models that can help people create whole websites just from the text! It’s so cool to think about algorithms being able to create 3D animations from instructions, giving everyone the same sort of design abilities, and even more impressive that this can all be done without the need for complicated technical skills or learning barriers. Companies like Dora and Gamma are all working on using AI to make this possible, and I am excited to see what new things can be done with this technology!

I joined the picketers in front of some film studios in L.A. They were protesting about how AI is being used in movie production. Some people think it is a good thing because it helps the creators to focus on what is important – telling stories. However, others are scared that AI might take their jobs and make the movies less human. In addition, they worry that big studios can use AI to keep diverse voices away from the projects. I am not very sure what will happen, but the Writers Guild wants to make sure that no matter what, people will still get the respect and rights that they deserve.

That’s all for today!



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