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Laphil Johnny (not verified) May 27, 2018

With reference to high-end economic development and technology, its interesting and exciting to see how far "technology and economic development" have gone in improved human lifestyles. Arguably, in as much as every conscious & sensible human would want to live the very best life, its important and absolutely necessary to SHARE/TRANSFER essential and appropriate technology to developing economies where over 90% of Rurals are still far behind in terms of technology and massive economic development trends. It is most unfortunate that not all fellow humans get to benefit from the rapid and dynamic 21st Century economic development which, every sovereign state, virtue of Human Right, deserves. Therefore, the need to transfer appropriate technology is absolutely necessary. Moreover, advanced economies must demonstrate a selfless, ready and willing attitude in order to prove that all fellow humans live in the same earth global village. I hope very much that the essential privileges and rights in the developed world will be willingly shared to the emerging economies without any reservations whatsoever. Thanks in advance for your understanding. Best Regards, Laphil Johnny

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