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Sidra Jabeen (not verified) December 06, 2010

Stealing and idea is not a problem in my opinion .. because anybody can think creative or sometimes someone can better portray the idea than the thinker P.S. I loved the movie and the story aswell

Stephanie Borg ... October 17, 2011

Can't agree more! What you say about staying ahead of the competition with new ideas sounds like a great formula for success. I wonder what the turning point was for businesses like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn though. There are hundreds of new start-up every week, some of them based on very creative, new ideas. Yet, very few of them make it big.

Jonathan (not verified) October 06, 2011

Facebook and most other businesses take ideas and evolve the concepts into products that appeal to the mass markets for todays society. This is just part of business and marketing - as it has always been. Ideas cannot be copyrighted, as they are just ideas. When ideas are turned into reality a business is created. This model will always be copied - it's businesses that stay ahead of the competition that forge ahead. The emulators just play catch up; as is seen by the likes of twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc. There are many that try to follow - but do not succeed - original thought is needed, which can be inspired by those that have been at the top of the game before.

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