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Anonymous (not verified) June 19, 2013

I agree with you that the use of Internet and the way authorities decides to regulate is far more of a question of what kind of society do we want for the 21st Century. I´m a Norwegian and I find that the latest regulations are a bit too strict for all the users and citizens. I feel that they look on all users as potential criminals. In Norway there´s a broad political agreement that these regulations are necessary, only a few parties with little or no power is against it. I believe that for most people this won´t matter in their daily life until one day they wake up realizing that someone with the law in their hand has gone too far into their private life and business. This is of course not the only threat to the users and citizens of the Internet. Quite recently it was discovered that NSA (US National Security Agency) was running surveillance on everyone who got their e-mail delivered through Google or Microsoft servers. In this perspective how much is a European regulation really worth? There are some good features with the Norwegian model, but it´s not good enough and it certainly doesn´t have the user or citizen best interest in mind.

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