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Lichia Saner-Yiu (not verified) September 09, 2019

Dear Jovan, Great blog. Very thought provoking! Thanks for sharing! For the digital non-native, it will be helpful if there could be a small tutorial on how to make use of the GIP interactive network included in your blog. After trying to play with it, the screen stays on the same image and can't be manipulated anymore. Thanks, Lichia

Antonio Gambardella (not verified) October 04, 2019

Great piece Jovan! A lot of valuable insights and recommendations. It is now "just" a matter of execution. Cheers.

Jovan (not verified) October 08, 2019

Thank you Antonio. It will be interesting to see if and how 'policy calls' from the start-up community are answered. What is the 'phone number' when their innovative ideas hit (in)visible policy walls? Who will answer their calls? These are the real challenges of linking startup and policy fields in creative and enabling ways.

Jovan (not verified) October 08, 2019

Dear Lichia, we will follow-up with a few suggestions. Warmest regards, Jovan

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