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Aldo Matteucci September 12, 2012

Jovan, I won't comment of the Steve Jobs & Co. quote - pure ideology. The issue internet users may want to address is that of the "limits of interoperability". There may be "technical" limits - one does not want the whole system to crash, virues to spread, or whatever. There may be "political" limits as well. Someone in the US bested the hickster Rev. Jones and put out a movie on the Prophet Mohammad that has set the Levant on fire. I'd hope that "common sense" and "sense of the common" would prevent such happenings. When it does not, how do we go about it? If the individual ought to be protected from the tyranny of the majority, the majority might have a case to protect itself against the bullying of the individual. Have a nice conundrum aldo

Jovan Kurbalija September 12, 2012

Two points: 1. There is a need to rebalance relation between individual and "majority" on the Internet. 2. How do you explain development of so many innovations at one place (Silicon Valley) or in one country (USA)? Is it a pure coincidence? Is it related to climate, academic system, (add...). What are - to use your favorite concept - enablers for innovation? What about institutions (e.g. rule of law, level playing field), apart from your casual comment that it is ideology?

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