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IGF consultations take place in Geneva

Published on 27 February 2011
Updated on 05 April 2024

A series of meetings and consultations on the 6th Internet Governance Forum has just taken place in Geneva.


The Open Consultations, followed by the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) meeting, were held on 23-24 February. The second EuroDig preparatory meeting also took place in Geneva on 24 February. Meanwhile, the CSTD’s Working Group on improvements to the IGF met for the first time in Montreux on 25-26 February. 

DiploFoundation joined stakeholders from governments, the technical community, civil society, and the private sector during the Open Consultations to submit recommendations in relation to the programme of the upcoming 6th IGF.

Vladimir Radunovic, Diplo’s IG programmes co-ordinator, said that one way of making the outcomes of the IGF discussions more relevant, especially to policy-makers, was to bring out the key points in the form of condensed or archived messages. He said a second step would involve ‘de-archiving’ these messages into ideas that can be clearly understood by policy-makers and other stakeholders who are not involved in the IG process. Capacity-building among such stakeholders would ensure a global impact of the IGF.

Diplo also participated actively in the second EuroDig preparatory meeting last week, in preparation for the upcoming meeting on 30-31 May. Diplo is among the main organisers of the meeting, which is this year taking place in Belgrade.


Event: ‘Diplo director at IGF prep meeting
Blog post: ‘IGF preparations: discussions aplenty while key positions still vacant’

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