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Diplo launches Artificial Intelligence Lab

Published on 18 September 2018
Updated on 07 August 2022

Diplo launches Artificial Intelligence Lab

Diplo has launched a new initiative dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI). Diplo’s AI Lab is a multifaceted initiative that includes research and analysis on AI policy, capacity development in the field of AI and related areas, reports from main events and discussions on AI, analysis into the impact of AI on diplomacy, and much more.

The past few years have spearheaded significant progress in AI, which is increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives. The industry has pioneered smart home devices and buildings, intelligent digital personal assistants, and autonomous vehicles, pushing the boundaries beyond what was previously considered science fiction.

The policy implications of AI are far‐reaching. While AI can potentially lead to economic growth, there are growing concerns over the significant disruptions it could bring to the labour market. Issues related to privacy, safety, and security have also been brought into focus, with calls being made for the development of standards that can help ensure that AI applications have minimum unintended consequences.

Diplo’s approach to exploring these issues is to move beyond the hype. Research on AI will analyse the technological developments, and their implications, including on related areas such as lethal autonomous weapons systems and autonomous vehicles. The research will be carried out in co-operation with the GIP Digital Watch observatory.

Diplo’s AI Lab will also partner with other institutions to analyse the impact of AI on diplomacy, including AI as a tool for diplomatic practice, AI as a topic for diplomatic negotiations, and AI as an element shaping the environment in which diplomacy is practised.

In situ and online courses which delve further into the practical side of AI are also being planned. Their aim is to demystify the topic, explain how it works, discuss the paradigm shift and the limitations, biases and risks of AI. 

Follow the initiatives developed by Diplo’s AI Lab on the dedicated space. For more information, get in touch with the AI Lab at ai@diplomacy.edu


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