World Wide Web Foundation

Address: 1100 13th St NW, Suite 800, Washington DC 20005, United States


Stakeholder group: NGOs and associations

The World Wide Web Foundation is a non-profit organisation created in 2009 with the aim to advance the open web as a public good and a basic right.

The foundation is involved in advocacy, research, and innovation activities directed towards building a better web for everyone. It focuses its work on three dimensions of human rights online: expanding access to the web to those still no connected, ensuring that everyone’s voices can be heard online, and innovating to make data and knowledge accessible to all online.

Some of the projects and initiatives launched by the foundation include: the Web Index, which measures the web’s contribution to social, economic, and political progress in countries across the world; the Web We Want coalition, which works to build a better web, through offering small grants, community knowledge and resources to people involved in activities aimed to shape the future of the web; the Women’s Rights Online programme, aimed at driving women’s empowerment through the web; and the Open Data Barometer, which analyses the prevalence and impact of open data initiatives around the world.