The Foreign Service Institute of Maldives (FOSIM)

Address: Fathulla Jameel Building, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Malé, Maldives


Stakeholder group: Academia and Think Tanks

The Foreign Service Institute of Maldives (FOSIM) was established on 16 January 2014 under the administrative structure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was formally registered at the Department of Higher Education as a diplomatic training institute with the central aim of promoting efficiency and professionalism in the Maldives' foreign service sector. FOSIM plays a crucial role in providing comprehensive training programs aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of diplomats and foreign service professionals. These programs cover a wide range of areas including foreign affairs, professional skill development, and policy research. By offering such specialized training, FOSIM contributes significantly to the development of a highly competent and effective foreign service cadre in the Maldives, playing a vital role in advancing the country's diplomatic capabilities on the global stage.