European Digital Rights

Address: 12 Rue Belliard, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgium


Stakeholder group: NGOs and associations

European Digital Rights (EDRi) is an international non-profit association of civil and human rights organisations from across Europe. The main objective of the association is to promote, protect, and uphold human rights and freedoms in the online environment.

In order to achieve its objective, EDRi carries out a wide range of activities focused on: providing policy makers in Europe with expert civil society-focused analyses of digital rights issues; leveraging the power of its national member organisations to ensure that challenges are addressed effectively at national and European level; ensuring that European civil society and citizens' interests are reflected in the global debate about the future of the Internet, the information society, and digital media; and providing a platform for its member organisations to coordinate actions, amongst themselves and with the EDRi office.

EDRI's key priorities are: privacy, surveillance, network neutrality, and copyright reform.