Eurasia Network Operators Group


Stakeholder group: NGOs and associations



The Eurasia Network Operators Group (ENOG) brings together technology experts from the Russian Federation, Commonwealth of Independent States, and Eastern Europe, to discuss core operational issues and share ideas concerning the Internet in the region. 

ENOG functions as a forum for discussions, and its periodic meetings revolve around network interactions and operator collaboration in the region. Topics addressed include challenges, tools, experiences and best practices in areas such as Internet protocol version 6 (IPv6), the Domain Name System (DNS), peering, routing, and network security. 

Within ENOG, a Content Working Group has been created with the aim to coordinate the creation and publication of materials in Russian that could be useful for the Russian-speaking network operators community. The group also works on identifying and creating channels for information-sharing and interacting with the community, and developing recommendations on the use of industry-specific terminology.