CyberGreen Initiative

Address: 365 W 20th St #12c, New York, NY 10011, USA


Stakeholder group: NGOs and associations

The CyberGreen Initiative is a global non-profit organisation whose aim is to contribute to improving the health of the global cyber ecosystem. To achieve its aim, the organisation provides metrics, measurements, and mitigation best practices to cybersecurity incident response teams (CSIRTs), network operators, and policy makers. 

In order to enable the mitigation of cyber health risks, CyberGreen develops and operates a CyberGreen Platform, which provides a mechanism for gathering data for metrics, to drive mitigation practices, and ti provide tools for conducting statistical analysis. In addition, the initiative is involved in capacity building activities, through providing training, data, and tools to support entities in the devloping world in their risk mitigation and cyber health improvement efforts. CyberGreen also works in the area of advocacy, through actions intended to determine governments, businesses, the media, and individuals to engage as active participants in pursuing cyber health.