The Academy for the Foreign Service – Akademie Auswärtiger Dienst

Address: Schwarzer Weg 45, 13505 Berlin, Germany


Stakeholder group: Academia and Think Tanks

The Academy for the Foreign Service, known as the Akademie Auswärtiger Dienst, is the training institution for Germany's diplomatic corps. The Federal Foreign Office operates it and focuses on preparing young graduates for careers in the higher Foreign Service. The Academy offers a one-year preparatory course that begins annually in July.

Located in Berlin, the Academy has a unique campus layout. Each building is named after a continent, reflecting the institution's international character.

The program provides a blend of theoretical and practical training. Trainees participate in seminars covering various topics, such as international politics, economics, law, negotiation techniques, crisis management, and media relations. They also undergo intensive language training, typically including English, French, and a third language.

The Academy promotes a global perspective by having trainees live and learn in a multicultural environment, forming a "Crew" with their classmates. This approach prepares them for the international nature of diplomatic work.

In addition to initial training, the Academy offers ongoing professional development for German diplomats throughout their careers.