Welcome to the homepage of DiploFoundation’s Capacity Development Programme in ICT Policy and IG for ACP countries

All our projects and activities have been completed, after two years of successful implementation and co-operation with our partners and donors. The programme achieved great results, especially in managing to expand the community of professionals from ACP countries. Over 500 new members from 60 ACP countries – representing governments, international, regional and sub-regional institutions, civil society, business, academy, and regulatory authorities – have benefited directly from our training. Many more have benefited from the programme by following our activities online, reading our publications, and engaging with our community in one way or another.  

This website is an online footprint of the programme. It will remind us, our programme partners and donors, and all those who benefited, of the projects, activities, results, and publications, which will remain accessible for public use. Yet, we are sure that the real footprint will be felt in years to come through the work and informed decisions taken by our community of professionals.

We will continue to work hard in the capacity development area by continuing to implement the successful methodology, and at the same time, improving our work based on the experiences we have gained from this programme. We hope that the impact of this programme will serve as an invitation and encouragement for other donors, governments, and the corporate sector to fund further activities and support the continuation of the capacity development programme.

We would like to express our appreciation to the following organisations: 
  • the ACP Secretariat and the EU, for their support;
  • our programme partners  – the Botswana Information Technology Society (BITS), the Burundi Youth Training Centre (BYTC), the Centre Africain de Complémentarité Scolaire Universitaire et de Promotion (CACSUP) of Congo, Young Americas Business Trust Haiti, ICT4D Jamaica Limited, the Multimedia University College of Kenya, and Sir Arthur Lewis Community College of St Lucia  – for their interest and engaging cooperation;
  • the many institutions with whom we cooperated during the programme, including the African Union Commission, UNECA, NEPAD, SPC, PICISOC, CTU, ICANN, ITU and others;
  • over 500 programme participants for their trust, persistence, great work and knowledge shared  – from which we all benefited; 
  • and last but not least, the Diplo team and associates, without whom this programme would not have been successful.

DiploFoundation’s two-year Capacity Development Programme in ICT Policy and IG for ACP countries included several projects, courses, activities, and publications. Navigate through the menu on the left for more information, and read the News section for developments and updates. Contact us at acpinfo@diplomacy.edu for more information.