E-diplomacy platform provides space for discussion on impact of the Internet on diplomacy,  a rich source of research on e-diplomacy, and access point for e-diplomacy training. Bookmark this page to keep abreast of what's happening in e-diplomacy!

“My God, this is the end of diplomacy.” Such was the reported reaction of Lord Palmerston, British Prime Minister, on receiving the first telegraph message in the 1860s. Diplomacy has survived the telegraph as well as subsequent technological innovations, such as the radio, telephone, television, and faxes. Every new major technological device has prompted reactions similar to that of Lord Palmerston. Today, the Internet poses the main challenges for diplomacy.

Diplo focuses on three aspect of an interplay between Internet and diplomacy: Internet driven-changes of environment in which diplomacy is conducted; emergence of new topics on diplomatic agenda (Internet governance); and use of a new Internet tools in the practic of diplomacy (e.g. social media). Cumulatively the Internet is having a profound effect on the two cornerstones of diplomacy, information and communication.

E-diplomacy project addresses impact of the Internet on diplomacy through research, courses (online and in situ), policy discussions and publications.

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