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Some reviews from former students

The course has helped me to redefine my role as a diplomat, appreciate the emerging challenges and responsibilities of diplomacy today including the role of new actors like NGOs, think tanks and academics. I have learned to appreciate other stakeholders as partners and not competitors to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the conduct of foreign relations. The weekly seminar papers done by the selected seminar teams in the class got us actively researching and exchanging information, it is amazing how much we learned from each other. This kind of networking if maintained will surely enable us achieve much more in our quest to increase knowledge and share best practises in contemporary diplomacy.

~ Michael Bulwaka, Foreign Service Officer
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Uganda (June 2007)


Indeed it was an exciting and an extraordinary experience.  Diplo is giving me this golden opportunity, on reaching the age of sixty, so that instead of thinking of retiring, there is much scope in sharing acquired experiences and knowledge with other similar minded persons for mutual benefit.

~ Joseph Dougall, Honorary Assistant High Commissioner
for Sierra Leone in Malta (August 2010)


Development Diplomacy was the first online course I took and was apprehensive before starting. Once started, the only regret I had was that I did not start earlier. The reasons are that (a) the course content was relevant to my career and the learning method; a mix of weekly interactive online sessions, tests and written assignments was very effective and (b) the tutor support and understanding facilitated progress and motivated me to complete the course.

 ~ Farid Daya, CEO, Representative Office of the Aga Khan Foundation
Switzerland in the Russian Federation (December 2009)


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