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Recognising the need for up-to-the-minute information offset by the limited time we have available, DiploFoundation has launched a webinar programme on specific diplomacy and Internet governance related topics. Each webinar includes a short background document and an interactive video presentation followed by a Q&A session. Participants from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds, meet to discuss topical issues and share their knowledge and experience. Facilitated by Diplo's subject matter experts, these conversations provide a forum for thought-provoking discussions that illustrate key developments and reflect on lessons learned.

In a series of advanced diplomatic webinars developed with the Diplomatic Institute of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs we address the challenges of modern diplomacy from two perspectives: evolution of diplomacy and technology - digs into history in order to see what we can use in addressing modern diplomatic problems; social media and diplomacy - focuses on the use of modern social media tools in diplomacy (e.g. twitter, facebook, blogs, wiki).

Our monthly Internet governance webinars focus on important Internet policy issues and in a true multistakeholder fashion involve expert opinion from all facets of society. Learn more about IG webinars, and access the recordings and digests of past IG webinars, from the IG webinars archive.

Geneva Briefings webinars provide a zoomed-out view on what has happened in Internet governance in the past month - with a focus on Geneva. These webinars are delivered both online and in situ every first Tuesday in the month. More information is available on

Please consult the programme for future webinars below.

Upcoming webinars

2 Dec 2014
Online and WMO building, Geneva
Diplo event

Past webinars

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By Vladimir Radunovic

A webinar digest: Geneva Briefing on Internet Governance (4 November 2014)

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By Vladimir Radunovic

A webinar digest: Geneva Briefing on Internet Governance (7 October 2014)

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By Editor

To whom do we address our concerns on privacy and surveillance? Which organisation do we get in touch with if we need information about technical aspects?

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By Vladimir Radunovic

To assist diplomats in grasping the complexity of this multidisciplinary and  multistakeholder political environment, and to bring them up to speed on what to follow, when to