US envoy: Africa trip isn’t to compete with Russia, China – Diplomacy – War in Ukraine

US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield‘s recent visit to Uganda, Ghana, and Cape Verde was intended to help Africa deal with the food crisis. The ambassador contends that the visits were not to compete with China and Russia.

The countries visited all face serious food security situations due to the significant rise in the cost of food and energy, a situation exacerbated by wheat shortages due to the Russia-Ukraine crisis. The USA is seeking to assist countries with food production and the ambassador called to Russia to do something about the food crisis rather than seek to lay blame on anyone.

As for China, the USA is of the opinion that the Belt and Road Initiative, which provided lending to expand infrastructure has led African countries into a debt trap.  However, China argues that reference to the ‘debt trap’ is malicious and their aim is to lift countries out of the ‘poverty trap’ by accelerating development in Africa.