Radio France commemorates Morocco’s impact in sports diplomacy

Morocco strategically leverages football as a key element of its diplomatic influence, positioning itself as a significant player on the global stage. In a recent “Radio France” podcast hosted by Julie Gacon, discussions centered around the role of sports, particularly football, in Morocco’s diplomatic initiatives. Gacon highlighted Morocco’s impressive performance in the 2022 World Cup and its emerging prominence in international football governance.

The podcast guests, Yassine El Yattioui and Abderrahim Bourkia, shed light on Morocco’s diplomatic achievements in sports. El Yattioui emphasized that the Moroccan football federation contributes to the development of African football by financing sports infrastructure projects in countries like Malawi. He highlighted the strong collaborative efforts between Morocco and African nations to foster mutual growth, citing the deep economic partnerships that have emerged as a result.

As a testament to its diplomatic success, Morocco is set to host the 2025 African Cup of Nations and the 2030 World Cup in collaboration with Spain and Portugal, further solidifying its position as a key player in international football diplomacy.