God’s Diplomacy – Book on Vatican Diplomacy

Vatican diplomacy has been one of the most successful diplomacies in history. Vatican diplomacy is small in size and big in diplomatic impact. It represents both one of the smallest states, Vatican City State, with 49-hectare territory and one of the biggest human force of 1.3 billion followers worldwide.

In the review of the book ‘God’s diplomacy’ Maryann Cusimano Love explains one of the reasons for the success of Vatican diplomacy

Vatican diplomats are pastors first, trained in listening and engaging with even the worst sinners and sworn to secrecy in the confessional. This gives them some useful skills for negotiating, as when Pope

Vatican diplomacy is also very ‘multistakeholder’ by compensating its small size with a network of local churches, charities and academic institutions. Part of their success is discretion without claiming the credit for diplomatic successes.

In addition to meditation and peacekeeping, the book outlines Vatican’s active participation in dealing with the following multilateral and cross-cutting global issues such as: climate change, environmental degradation, human trafficking, and arms control.

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