Zoom diplomacy

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Zoom diplomacy’ refers to the use of Zoom or other video conferencing tools in diplomatic contexts. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns around the world, many organisations and industries, including diplomacy, had to adapt to remote work settings. This meant that meetings, negotiations, and other diplomatic events were often conducted online, primarily through video conferencing platforms like Zoom.

This shift has impacted diplomacy profoundly. The traditional face-to-face interaction, which includes not just words but also non-verbal cues, cultural rituals, and networking during informal moments, has been replaced by virtual interactions that might lack some of these subtleties. The term ‘Zoom diplomacy’ could encompass discussions about these changes, their impact, and how diplomatic relations and negotiations have adapted to the era of remote connectivity. Topics could include the advantages and challenges of conducting diplomacy over video calls, how to manage security and privacy concerns, and the potential for more inclusive diplomacy as travel constraints are reduced.