Migration diplomacy

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Migration diplomacy involves cooperation and dialogue between countries, international organisations, and other stakeholders to manage migration flows, protect the rights of migrants, and promote sustainable development.

Migration diplomacy can involve a range of activities, including negotiating and implementing agreements on migration, facilitating the exchange of information and best practices on migration policies, and providing humanitarian assistance to migrants in need. It can also involve promoting social and economic integration of migrants into host communities and addressing the root causes of migration, such as poverty, conflict, and climate change.

Overall, migration diplomacy recognises the importance of international cooperation and dialogue in managing the challenges and opportunities presented by migration. It seeks to foster a coordinated and comprehensive approach to migration that promotes the interests of both migrants and host communities. There are several examples of migration diplomacy, including:

The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration: This is an international agreement adopted by the UN in 2018 that provides a framework for cooperation on migration issues. The compact sets out principles and objectives for managing migration, such as protecting the rights of migrants, addressing the root causes of migration, and promoting integration.

The EU-Turkey Statement: This is an agreement between the EU and Turkey that was reached in 2016 to manage the flow of migrants and refugees from Turkey to the EU. The agreement involves Turkey accepting the return of migrants who do not qualify for asylum in the EU, in exchange for financial support and other benefits.

The Mexico-USA-Canada Agreement (USMCA): The trade agreement, which replaced NAFTA in 2020, includes provisions on migration and mobility. The agreement includes commitments to protect the rights of migrant workers, facilitate the movement of professionals and business people, and cooperate on border security.

The Valletta Summit on Migration: Meeting held in Malta in 2015 between European and African leaders to discuss migration issues. The summit resulted in a joint action plan that aimed to address the root causes of migration, improve border management, and promote legal migration and mobility.