Dubrovnik diplomacy

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The term “Dubrovnik diplomacy” refers to the diplomatic traditions and procedures that emerged in the Republic of Dubrovnik (now Dubrovnik, Croatia) during the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Despite being surrounded by larger and more powerful governments, Dubrovnik was a small but prosperous city-state that long maintained its independence and autonomy. Its leaders were adept negotiators and diplomats who frequently employed diplomacy to maintain good ties with surrounding nations and avert conflict.

As a means of resolving conflicts and advancing peace, Dubrovnik diplomacy was characterized by a commitment to reason, dialogue, and compromise. Dubrovnik’s diplomats were famed for their diplomatic finesse, courtesies, and persuasion prowess. They were revered throughout Europe for their mastery of the convoluted political and economic terrain of the Mediterranean.

Diplomacy and international relations more generally have been impacted by the diplomatic traditions and methods of Dubrovnik, particularly in the fields of negotiation, dispute resolution, and diplomacy in tiny states. The city’s diplomatic history, as well as the ideas and principles it upholds, are still referred to as “Dubrovnik diplomacy” today.



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