Citizen diplomacy

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Citizen diplomacy refers to the idea that individuals can play a role in promoting international understanding and cooperation through person-to-person interactions and grassroots efforts. It involves people-to-people exchanges, cultural exchanges, and volunteer programmes that aim to bridge gaps between individuals and communities in different countries.

Citizen diplomacy is based on the belief that ordinary people can make a difference in international relations and that by building connections and relationships with people from other countries, they can promote mutual understanding and respect. It can take many forms, including student exchanges, cultural festivals, volunteer programmes, and even social media interactions.

Citizen diplomacy is often seen as an alternative to traditional government-to-government diplomacy, which can be seen as formal and exclusive. Citizen diplomacy, on the other hand, is inclusive and allows for more personal connections between people from different cultures. It can be a powerful tool for promoting peace and cooperation, and many organisations around the world work to promote citizen diplomacy through a range of programmes and activities.