Ambassador Asoke Mukerji’s diplomatic career spans 37 years, from 1978-2015. As India’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York (2013-2015) he oversaw India’s negotiations on Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development, f...

WTO Public Forum 2017 just-in-time reporting Simultaneous events are a challenge to follow. TheGIP Digital Watchobservatory is providing just-in-time session reports from many sessions, available within a few hours from each session. R...
 26 Sep 2017

This course aims to assist permanent missions and international organisations in Geneva to increase their knowledge and capacity to engage in digital commerce-related negotiations and discussions. It provides an interdisciplinary coverage of e-commer...

Economic diplomacy deals with the nexus between power and wealth in international affairs. Economic diplomacy not only promotes the state’s prosperity but also, as occasion demands and opportunity permits, manipulates its foreign commercial and fi...
Start date:   5 Oct 2020
Last week, HE Dr Alex Sceberras Trigona presented his credentials as Permanent Representative of the Republic of Malta to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Geneva. Alex has been involved with DiploFoundation since its inception and is an active ...
 2 Nov 2013

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Intellectual property rights, such as patents, are “good good good” - or so we say out loud. Well, way may be soon chanting a different tune. Patents were a conditional bounty at the outset: a time-limited monopoly was granted provided...
 28 Mar 2012

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Raquel Aguirre Valencia gives a detailed study on the role non state actors (NSAs) play in the international arena. In her paper the author identifies many instances where NSAs have played major roles in the decision making process of many organisations such as the UN, WTO and the EU and where these organisations have welcomed and acknowledged the importance of such partnerships.

Multistakeholder Diplomacy - Challenges and Opportunities. Ed by J. Kurbalija and V. Katrandjiev (2006)
 Raquel Aguirre Valencia, 2006
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(A conjecture – not a theory) The Doha Round in WTO looks like being dead in the water. Wails are heard from many shores while protectionist interests frolic behind rhetoric-swept dunes. Has multilateral diplomacy met its ultimate challenge an...
 31 Dec 2011

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