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UNCTAD E-commerce Week 2018 just-in-time reporting

Dr Jovan Kurbalija is the Founding Director of DiploFoundation and the Head of the Geneva Internet Platform.

Dr Roxana Radu is Programme Manager at the Geneva Internet Platform, a platform for di

Brazilian-born Ms Marília Maciel is currently based in Strasbourg, France.

Ms Jimena Sotelo has over 8 years of experience in international trade in the private sector and in international organizations.

Ms Marie Sicat is Coordinator of the ICT Policy Review (ICTPR) Programme and an Associate Economic Affairs Officer at the UN Conference on Trad

Mr Quan Zhao is trade policy advisor in the Office of the Chief Economist, International Trade Centre (ITC).

Mr Julien Grollier is a Programme Officer at CUTS International, Geneva, an NGO catalysing the pro-trade, pro-equity voices of the Global South in trade and development debates in Geneva.

Rashid S. Kaukab is Executive Director, CUTS International Geneva, Switzerland.

Dr Marion Jansen is the Chief Economist of the International Trade Centre (ITC) and in this position responsible for the ITC’s flagship publication SME Competitiveness Outlook.


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