Reflections from the Science in Perspective discussion A few days ago, as I was on my way to ETH Zürich to moderate a session on Internet and Trust, I took a close look at the importance of trust for my daily routines. My iPhone alarm went off ...
 12 May 2017

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Effective bilateral diplomacy is essential to advancing a country’s external interests. Bilateral diplomacy is a key building block of international relations, covering relationships between the home country and individual foreign states, one at a...
Start date:   26 Jul 2021
diplomacy – Diplomacy – DIPLOMACY: the three different ways of writing this word illustrate three different ways in which diplomacy is perceived today. diplomacy – written in lower-case letters – reflects our daily experience. At home, at work, an...
 17 May 2016

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Last week, I watched the movie Diplomacy, a fascinating story about Raoul Nordling, a Swedish diplomat who saved Paris in 1944 from Nazi destruction. The movie is a vivid testimony to the relevance of diplomacy and persuasion for human society. Raoul...
 12 May 2014

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As a lot is being written these days about a great man, I thought I’d add a few lines about what he meant to me. Before I went to South Africa three years ago he was a remarkable historical figure, but somehow distant, belonging to the te...
 17 Dec 2013

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‘America rightly honors its great generals who protect the nation and win our wars. We should also recognize our great diplomats who outwit our enemies, open new roads to the future, and win the peace.’ Writes Nicola Burns in his text Mas...
 17 Apr 2012

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