'There is a need to address these challenges to enhance the capacity of the AU organs, institutions and member states to better respond to instances of ICT policy in Africa.

Author/s: Eliot Nsega,
Source: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World (2011)

We are witnessing an extreme proliferation of the social networks, which can be seen in two ways: an expansion of social network websites, and an increase in the number of people who are starting to use them.

Author/s: Maša Kojić,
Source: Internet governance research paper

Adriana Lazinica examines quality of counter-narcotics strategies and interventions aimed at reduction and/or elimination of illicit opium poppy cultivation and production implemented by the key stakeholders (the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the United Kingdom, the United Nation

Author/s: Adriana Lazinica,
Source: Dissertation library

This paper examines the present Slovak PD with its positive and negative components and outlines the requirements for a modern and effective PD. It describes the challenge of establishing and occupying a legitimate and relevant place of PD in the Slovak foreign policy and activities.

Author/s: Olga Algayerova,
Source: Dissertation library

As ancient rhetoricians believed that language was a potent force for persuasion, they insisted that their students develop copia in all spheres of their art.

Author/s: Milos Radakovic,
Source: Persuasion, The Essence of Diplomacy

This paper attempts to redress the issues of broadband adoption and digital content consumption and provides detailed analysis on the factors that influence them, and rejection determinants in a developing country like Pakistan.

Author/s: Arzak Khan,
Source: Internet governance research paper

This paper discusses cybersecurity in Fiji and offers recommendations to challenges such as the vulnerability of systems due to lack of a cybersecurity framework. The poorly framed laws and lack of appropriate policies.

Author/s: Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro,
Source: Internet governance research paper

From an Internet governance perspective, multilingualism and security have been two of the cornerstone themes since its inception.

Author/s: Rumbidzayi Gadhula,
Source: Internet governance research paper

The title of the master thesis is “Influence of economic relations on bilateral relations”.

Firstly, three thesis statements concerning the influence of economic relations on non-economic bilateral relations have been developed.

Author/s: Antje Schuett,
Source: Dissertation library

Remmy Nweke attempts a search into the rationale behind Nigeria‟s decision to make Africa the cornerstone of her foreign policy.

Author/s: Remmy Nweke,
Source: Dissertation library