Ambassador Nabil Fahmy on Diplomatic Reporting (Source: The Rise of Netpolitik by David Bollier)

Author/s: Ambassador Nabil Fahmy,
Source: E-diplomacy Library

'I also see an increasing responsibility for leaders to govern equitably, fairly, and with justice.

Author/s: Sala Tamanikaiwaimaro,
Source: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World (2011)

This research focuses on data protection regulations in Paraguay in order to analyse whether it contains provisions regulating the computerised processing of personal data and transborder data flows.

Author/s: Natalia Enciso Benítez,
Source: Internet governance research paper

From an Internet governance perspective, multilingualism and security have been two of the cornerstone themes since its inception.

Author/s: Rumbidzayi Gadhula,
Source: Internet governance research paper

The title of the master thesis is “Influence of economic relations on bilateral relations”.

Firstly, three thesis statements concerning the influence of economic relations on non-economic bilateral relations have been developed.

Author/s: Antje Schuett,
Source: Dissertation Library

Remmy Nweke attempts a search into the rationale behind Nigeria‟s decision to make Africa the cornerstone of her foreign policy.

Author/s: Remmy Nweke,
Source: Dissertation Library

As ancient rhetoricians believed that language was a potent force for persuasion, they insisted that their students develop copia in all spheres of their art. Copia denotes an abundant and ready supply of language in any situation that arises.

Author/s: Milos Radakovic,
Source: Other

This study looks at the current state of cybersecurity initiatives in Malawi against a background of significant efforts to greatly enhance Internet connectivity speeds and access.

Author/s: Tiwonge Davis Manda,
Source: Internet governance research paper

This list of themes and topics is an attempt to map the field of e-diplomacy. It is work in progress, and all comments welcomed.

The five initial mapping categories include:

Author/s: Jovan Kurbalija,
Source: E-diplomacy Library

The paper seeks to render a critical analysis that will lead and co-ordinate a programme of promotional work across the region, including the integration of ICT strategies in its promotional work.

Author/s: Eliot Nsega,
Source: Internet governance research paper