Ambassador Nabil Fahmy on Diplomatic Reporting (Source: The Rise of Netpolitik by David Bollier)

Author/s: Ambassador Nabil Fahmy,
Source: E-diplomacy Library

'I also see an increasing responsibility for leaders to govern equitably, fairly, and with justice.

Author/s: Sala Tamanikaiwaimaro,
Source: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World (2011)

This research focuses on data protection regulations in Paraguay in order to analyse whether it contains provisions regulating the computerised processing of personal data and transborder data flows.

Author/s: Natalia Enciso Benítez,
Source: Internet governance research paper

Electronic government (e-government) equals sustainable development for Guyana.This is the thesis illustrated by this paper along with the possible constraints involved in implementing e-government.

Author/s: Sandra Bart,
Source: Other

One of the most important developments the Middle East has witnessed in the 20th centaury was the success of the Iranian revolution of Islamist ideology, with ambitions to control.

Author/s: Nabil Shehada,
Source: Dissertation Library

‘Indeed, the Internet can be a doubleedged sword.

Author/s: Valmikki Singh,
Source: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World (2011)

‘It is necessary to ensure the responsible use of technology and to stress the innovation and knowledge sharing that technology allows over the opportunity for piracy, s

Author/s: Arlene Buckmire-Outram,
Source: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World (2011)

‘A critical activity will be information dissemination – educating people about IG issues and assisting them in formulating views and opinions that can not only be applied to th

Author/s: Michele Marius,
Source: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World (2011)

A collection of abstracts from research projects conducted during the 2010/2011 Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme (IGCBP)

Author/s: Various,
Source: Internet governance research paper

In 2011, Diplo have held a series of meetings discussing the impact of WikiLeaks on diplomacy. This paper summarises the main conclusions of our discussions and research. It is close enough in time (3+ months) to understand the emotions, dynamics, and concerns raised by WikiLeaks.

Author/s: Jovan Kurbalija,
Source: E-diplomacy Library