This list of themes and topics is an attempt to map the field of e-diplomacy. It is work in progress, and all comments welcomed.

The five initial mapping categories include:

Author/s: Jovan Kurbalija,
Source: e-Diplomacy Library

The paper seeks to render a critical analysis that will lead and co-ordinate a programme of promotional work across the region, including the integration of ICT strategies in its promotional work.

Author/s: Eliot Nsega,
Source: Internet governance research paper

From an Internet governance perspective, multilingualism and security have been two of the cornerstone themes since its inception.

Author/s: Fahd A. Batayneh,,
Source: Other

This paper seeks appropriate solutions to improve the access and capability of the health delivery systems in Botswana.

Author/s: Benson Ncube,
Source: Internet governance research paper

The reform of the Security Council of the United Nations (UNSC) has been an elusive issue at the United Nations (UN).

Author/s: Roberto Miguel Rodriguez,
Source: Dissertation library

Throughout its history, humankind has been motivated to war, terrorism, ethnic cleansing, genocide, racist hysteria, religious intolerance and extremism, mass suicide and many other forms of irrationa

Author/s: Milos Radakovic,
Source: Persuasion, The Essence of Diplomacy

Policy-makers and governments in developing nations can implement more effective policies and frameworks by gaining a better understanding of the factors that support stakeholders and partners to extend the benefits of information communication technology (ICT) to rural communities.

Author/s: Rajendra Prasad Poudel,
Source: Internet governance research paper

This paper comes on the eve of the millennium development goals deadline of 2015 which acknowledges ICT as the enabler for speeding towards the finish line. The quest is to explore whether we are all speeding towards a clearly defined goal, given our varied capacities and affinities.

Author/s: Felix Samakande,
Source: Internet governance research paper

The rapid rise of the Internet has encouraged the use of open, real-time, and linked data to help understand

Author/s: Keisha Taylor,
Source: Internet governance research paper

This report describes the evolution of remote participation in EuroDIG and provides an assessment of the current situation, focusing on the issue of inclusiveness by direct remote interaction.

Author/s: Alexandre Hannud Abdo,
Source: Internet governance research paper