In our families, in our jobs, in our political dynamic at a national level, we always try to persuade others, first and foremost.

Author/s: Joseph Cassar,
Source: Persuasion, The Essence of Diplomacy

‘Students and teachers do not have to sit in the classroom or be face-to-face but can now take part in  e-learning from anywhere in the world and at any time, thanks to online facilities.’ - Shareeni Kala

Author/s: Shareeni Kala,
Source: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World (2011)

'I am equally humbled to have found myself in a position to utilise the Internet and all of its potential and  underlying capacity to be the catalyst for development and transformation in my country, in

Author/s: Tracy Hackshaw,
Source: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World (2011)

Paper delivered by Ambassador Victor Camilleri during the E-diplomacy panel on Diplomatic Reporting in the Internet Era after WikiLeaks, held on 9 February, 2011.

Author/s: Victor Camilleri,
Source: e-Diplomacy Library

‘Witnessing the open community policy development process at the AfriNIC community led me to further appreciate the importance of the Policy Research Phase of the Diplo IGCBP.

Author/s: Maduka Attamah,
Source: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World (2011)

This one-page document aims to explain the origins and needs of the usage of ICT in global participation, as well as to mention some good practices and potential for the future.

Author/s: Marilia Maciel,
Source: e-Diplomacy Library

‘With the number of training courses I have attended, including attending the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), I have learnt a lot.’

Author/s: Dalsie Greenrose Kalna Baniala,
Source: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World (2011)

'[John Walubengo] introduced me to KictaNET... I got involved in ICT and...

Author/s: Judith Okite,
Source: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World (2011)

Aldo Matteucci writes:

Everyone loves Wikipedia... yet hardly anyone realises that potential of the underlying software for streamlining paperwork in an MFA and significantly improving the efficiency of the archiving system. ...

Author/s: Aldo Matteucci,
Source: e-Diplomacy Library

'There is a need to address these challenges to enhance the capacity of the AU organs, institutions and member states to better respond to instances of ICT policy in Africa.

Author/s: Eliot Nsega,
Source: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World (2011)