Ambassador Kishan Rana indicates the cultivation of relations and the credibility of diplomats as the basis for persuasion in diplomacy.

Author/s: Kishan Rana,
Source: Persuasion, The Essence of Diplomacy

Aldo Matteucci writes:

Everyone loves Wikipedia... yet hardly anyone realises that potential of the underlying software for streamlining paperwork in an MFA and significantly improving the efficiency of the archiving system. ...

Author/s: Aldo Matteucci,
Source: e-Diplomacy Library

'There is a need to address these challenges to enhance the capacity of the AU organs, institutions and member states to better respond to instances of ICT policy in Africa.

Author/s: Eliot Nsega,
Source: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World (2011)

‘While employers and tertiary institutions have been providing Internet access to their employees for the last 10–12 years, the majority of Fijians have only been able to afford Internet access at home with

Author/s: Sam Goundar,
Source: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World (2011)

‘There is so much work still to be done. There are so many unraveling threads. There is so much still to create.

Author/s: Sheba Mohammid,
Source: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World (2011)

Ambassador Nabil Fahmy on Diplomatic Reporting (Source: The Rise of Netpolitik by David Bollier)

Author/s: Ambassador Nabil Fahmy,
Source: e-Diplomacy Library

'I also see an increasing responsibility for leaders to govern equitably, fairly, and with justice.

Author/s: Sala Tamanikaiwaimaro,
Source: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World (2011)

This research focuses on data protection regulations in Paraguay in order to analyse whether it contains provisions regulating the computerised processing of personal data and transborder data flows.

Author/s: Natalia Enciso Benítez,
Source: Internet governance research paper

Electronic government (e-government) equals sustainable development for Guyana.This is the thesis illustrated by this paper along with the possible constraints involved in implementing e-government.

Author/s: Sandra Bart,
Source: Other

One of the most important developments the Middle East has witnessed in the 20th centaury was the success of the Iranian revolution of Islamist ideology, with ambitions to control.

Author/s: Nabil Shehada,
Source: Dissertation library